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Positivity Project

Making children aware that every one of them has all 24 character strengths, provides the foundation for genuine self-confidence grounded in self-awareness. At the same time, it helps children better understand why everyone is different and how to appreciate those differences. Unlike our height, weight, or skin color, character is something that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, understanding and valuing it — especially in other people — requires a framework of consistent reflection and discussion. 

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Almost every week the district will be exploring and discussing one of the 24 character strengths. Below are the traits and a district made video of students and staff celebrating each trait!

Week of: 

Character Trait


Sept 15 Curiosity
You like exploration and discovery. You ask lots of questions because you want to learn more about anything and everything.
Sept 22 Teamwork
You work well as a member of a group or team. You are loyal and sacrifice your individual desires for the greater good.
Sept 30 Open-Mindedness
You like to consider new ideas and try new things. You examine things from all sides and don’t jump to conclusions.
Oct 6 #Otherpeoplematter
This week we will focus on being present in conversations with others.
Oct 13 Integrity
You are honest and speak the truth. You present yourself genuinely and sincerely
Oct 21 Perspective 
You appreciate that people see things in different
ways. You have the ability to understand the world
from multiple points of view.
Oct 28 Creativity
You come up with new and original ways to think about and do things.
Nov 3 Bravery
You act with mental, moral, or physical strength even when you know things are difficult or scary.
Nov 25 Gratitude
The quality of feeling and expressing thanfulness and appreciation.  
Dec 1 Kindness-You are generous to others and you are never too busy to help out. You enjoy doing good deeds for other people. Kindness
Dec 8  Humility-People that have the top character strength of Humility do not seek the spotlight. They let their actions speak for themselves.
Dec 15 Self-Control-You have the ability to control your emotions and behaviors. You think before you act. Self-Control
Jan 13 Prudence-the ability to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. Prudence

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