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The Preschool and School Age Special Education Offices are located in our Rockwell Elementary School building at 208 Rockwell Road, Nedrow, NY 13120.  Please scroll for office hours and contact information. 

During the school year
  • the Office of Special Education (School Age) is open from 7:15 AM to 3:45 PM.  
    • Our Office is located at Rockwell Elementary School, in Room 212
    • Special Education meetings are held in the building that the student attends or may be held as ZOOM meetings as necessary.  Please refer to your meeting notice letter for exact location.
  • the Preschool Special Education Office is open from 8:15 AM to 3:45 PM.  
    • Preschool Special Education meetings are held at Rockwell Elementary School or may be held as ZOOM meetings as necessary.  Please refer to your meeting notice for details.
Special Education Meetings - INCLEMENT WEATHER

If there is a 1 hour DELAY - CSE/504 meetings that are scheduled for 10:00 AM and after will be held.  Earlier meetings will be rescheduled
If there is a 2 hour DELAY - CSE/504 meetings scheduled from 12:00 PM and after will be held.  AM meetings will be rescheduled 
If school is CLOSED - ALL meetings will be canceled and rescheduled.  
Any meetings scheduled after EARLY DISMISSAL is announced will be canceled and rescheduled. 

Summer Hours
  • Special Education Office (School Age) will be Tuesday through Thursday. Please leave us a voice mail message (315-552-5075), and we will return your call as soon as possible.  
  • Please call the Main Office (315-552-5070) to verify someone will be here before picking up or dropping off items during the Summer.  

For information regarding: 

School Age Committee on Special Education and Section 504
, please contact:

          Jacquelyn Elias, Chairperson

          Natalie Manfredi, Special Education Secretary
              Telephone:  (315) 552-5075          Fax:   (315) 552-5076
Committee on Preschool Special Education, Please contact: 

          Margaret Hart, Chairperson

          Frieda Freund, Preschool Special Education Secretary
              Telephone:  (315) 552-5078          Fax:  (315) 552-5076               
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Rob Price, Superintendent of Schools
4466 South Onondaga Road | Nedrow, NY 13120
Phone 315.552.5000