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Transportation Department

Address:      4457 South Onondaga Road, Nedrow, NY 13120

Phone:         315-552-5090


Dear Parents,

This is just a reminder that children need to be at their assigned bus stops a few minutes before their normal pick up time. This is important for several reasons.

  1. When a student is not at the pickup point on time, it delays the pickup for other students. Many students are required to meet at localized stops requiring them to walk blocks and wait in all kinds of weather, therefore any delays in your pickup time affects others on the route.
  2. When a substitute driver is assigned to cover a morning route it is often difficult to know what houses to stop at unless the students are out where they can be seen.  We even go so far as to  recommend that substitute drivers leave a few minutes later than scheduled to ensure that the students will be out and waiting therefore trying to eliminate missed stops.

Transportation Request Forms   

Forms are available at the bottom of this page or at the Transportation Department. Forms that you may need are:

 Request for Non-Public School Transportation

Use this form if you live in the OCS district but plan on having your child transported to a non-public school.  This form must be submitted to the Transportation Department no later than April 1st of the year preceding the school year for which transportation is desired. 


New Student Transportation Enrollment Form

This is to be filled out when you register a new student who needs busing. 


Bus Pass Procedures

"The Board of Education is committed to providing safe and efficient transportation for its students, while also exhibiting reasonable flexibility in handling emergencies. It is the District policy to only pick up and discharge at locations within the boundaries of the School District.
All students should be picked up and discharged at a consistent location every day. These locations must be established in September and, unless an emergency situation arises, should be permanent. Each family must notify the school in writing during the summer of their child's drop-off point if it is different from the child's home.
Should it be necessary to change day care or other child supervision arrangements during the school year, parents should send a written notification to the District's Transportation Office and another copy to the school's office. In an emergency situation, parents should contact the school office so that temporary arrangements can be made. Each school building will establish times that non-emergency changes in drop off location need to be submitted.
Any questions may be directed to the school office at Rockwell or Wheeler and the Bus Garage."
This means that:

  • Each family can establish a secondary stop at the beginning of the school year (ex. grandparent, daycare, split custody). Changes can be made and bus passes can be written only to the secondary stop. Secondary stops will change only under reasonable, consistent circumstances (change of daycare provider, a move, etc.)
  • Bus passes will not be written for students to go home with other students NOT listed as their secondary stop. Parents must arrange to pick up and transport the student if they need to go to a location not listed.
  • Exceptions will be made ONLY in the case of an emergency. Emergency bus passes must be approved by the principal.


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