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Rockwell Elementary

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Principal Katelynn Killmore
Main Office 315-552-5070
Hours 8:30am - 3:00pm

Kindness Blooms at OCS
Kindness Blooms at OCS
Many thanks to the OCS community from Rockwell School and staff who created a district wide initiative to help show kindness to others in our community.  Many familes in our district participated!  Here are just some of the pictures we received! 
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Safety and Transportation

To assure all students' safety, we ask you to please observe the following policies and procedures. All doors of the building are locked at all times. Please enter and exit the building at the main entrance. Sign in and out at the main office and wear a visitor's badge while visiting. 

Bus Passes (No Bus Passes for preschool )

When your child needs to be dropped off at a different location in the PM a bus pass must be sent into school in the AM. I cannot stress enough how important that the bus pass be complete with the name and address of the location your child is to be dropped off. Saying, "send my child to grandma's house or Susie's house" is not enough information. We need an exact address.

Last minute phone calls to change a dropped off location is not allowed. The bus passes must come in the morning because there is a process that needs to happen. First Mrs. Freund must check each pass for the correct information, call parents to clarify if not filled out with enough information, fax the passes to the bus garage where the routes are changed and then the drivers must be notified of those changes. This all takes time and is very difficult to do at the last minute. Our drivers also drive the earlier dismissals of Wheeler and the high school and so they are already on their routes when our late calls come in. As you can see, phone calls can cause a great deal of confusion.
Bus Pass 9-28-10.pdf

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Rob Price, Superintendent of Schools
4466 South Onondaga Road | Nedrow, NY 13120
Phone 315.552.5000