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New House School of Communication visits Rockwell

On January 30, three third-year students from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications visited Rockwell Elementary. They were there to follow up on a story and proposal by New York Governor Hokal calling on  going "Back to Basics," which focuses on teaching reading through the science of reading and phonics. During their visit, Principal Killmore and Superintendent Price discussed the district's professional development initiatives and the implementation of the LETRS program for teaching reading.

Principal Killmore also elaborated on the reading program and the developmental stages of reading within the primary grades at Rockwell Elementary School, emphasizing the importance of foundational skills and knowledge for learning to read. Principal Killmore shared the summary on science of reading is an evidence-based approach to teaching reading that draws on research from various fields, including cognitive psychology, linguistics, and neuroscience. It emphasizes the importance of phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension strategies in helping students become proficient readers. This approach recognizes the systematic and explicit instruction of these foundational skills as crucial for reading success.

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