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Onondaga CSD Celebrates the Arts

Onondaga Central School District Jr./Sr. High School recently hosted an engaging Night of the Arts event, showcasing the talents of its students in both visual arts and music. The event featured a vibrant art show and captivating musical and instrumental performances.

Visitors to the event were greeted with a stunning display of paintings and drawings adorning the school’s halls, while sculptures and 3D art were arranged for all to admire. Viewers could also vote on a set of projects that featured food-simulated pieces that looked tasty enough to eat.

The atmosphere was further enhanced by the melodious voices of school choral groups and skillful performances of instrumental ensembles, performing popular hits from films like “The Greatest Showman.”

In addition to the Night of the Arts, Wheeler Elementary also hosted a Music Festival in March, including a diverse array of performances, including dance routines and impressive solo performances.

These events coincided with Music in our Schools Month (MIOSM) and Youth Art Month, which are nationally recognized celebrations highlighting the importance of arts education. MIOSM aims to underscore the significance of music education for all children and emphasizes the role schools play in providing access to music education. Similarly, Youth Art Month, administered by the Council for Art Education (CFAE), promotes support for quality art programs in schools and emphasizes the development of vital skills such as problem-solving, creativity, observation and communication through visual arts experiences.

Wheeler Elementary Music Festival Highlight Video:


Night of the Arts Highlight Video:

Night of the Arts Concert Video:

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