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What is Bullying?

The simple definition of bullying is when someone keeps acting mean on purpose.  It could be hurting someone's body (kicking, hitting), hurting someone's feelings (teasing, name-calling) or hurting someone's friendships (leaving someone out, spreading rumors).

Any behavior associated with bullying hurts the individuals involved as well as the community as a whole.  Here at OCS, we are working towards creating a bully free environment for our entire community.

How are we creating a Bully Free environment?

  • Character Education Programs - we recognize that the development of positive character traits directly correlates to the future success of our students
  • Anti-Bullying Task Force - faculty volunteers come together to create consistency across grade levels in the reporting and resolution of bullying issues
  • Board of Education Policies - the Board of Education is committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment within its schools.  As such, the Board is working towards creating and implementing new Anti-Bullying policies for the entire district
  • Code of Conduct Enforcement - Enforcement of the Code of Conduct across grade levels will ensure that a safe and productive environment is available for all students and staff. 

Resources for Families

Below are listed a few of the many resources available on bullying and it's prevention.  The resources listed here are being utilized by the Anti-Bullying Task Force as well as the Board of Education in the review and formation of district policies.  Resources will be updated periodically over the course of the school year.

"Giving Students the Tools to Break the Cycle of Bullying"

"Guidance of Bullying and Cyberbullying"

"Cyberbullying: What Schools Can Do to Stop It"

"When Bullying Turns Deadly: Can it Be Stopped?"

Stop Cyberbullying

Cyberbully 411

Stop Bullying

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